How to Be a Legit Appler (DaraGon Fan)

OTP : Kwon Jiyong and Sandara Park

photo by DARA

I’ve been an Appler since 2011. I’m a Daraling (Dara’s fan) since her SCQ days and I’ve been following her socials ever since. Then I saw these tweets and posts talking about DaraGon, Appler, Nyongdal, and the likes. After all the curiosity and lurking, the rest is history. 🙂

I made a Twitter Fan Account ( and another one ( which I don’t use anymore because I’m the worst with passwords. . That time IG is not that dominant in social world. In Twitter however, you get to encounter a lot of people. Be it personal or fan account. You talk to them and in some cases, you can get yourself a new best friend 🙂

So! I’m giving you some useful steps on How to Become a Legit Appler

1. Create a Twitter Account

If you already have one you can still use that. But I’m telling you! Making a fan account is way more exciting. HEY! DON’T BE A POSER! Create a username that’s related to your OTPs. Like in my case, I used (@xxxdenniexxx) or (@darajiyong). Just play with the words and come up with a unique and stylish username. Just like our OTPs, right? kkkk

2. Follow these Twitter accounts

Just follow these accounts and you’ll never miss any update. You’re welcome! 😉

3. Make an Instagram account

Imagine seeing your OTP in one frame. TOGETHER!! All mushy and sweet. Impossible, right? WRONG!!! Follow these accounts and see it for yourselves 😉

  1. @tarozuki
  2. @poonpoon_jira
  3. @madefordaragon
Sandara and G-Dragon: DARAGON
by: @tarozuki

4. Youtube

Watch BAktinski’s fanmade videos for more evidences 😉 Check out her trailers before heading to step number 5.

5. AFF

Read fanfic plots about your OTP. You will love them and ship them 3000 times more! My favorite authornim is Huntress. Go follow her and read her works. You’re welcome! 😉

There you have it! just follow those five steps to be a true blue Appler by heart 😉

Let me know your progress. Comment below your Username so that I can follow you. I’m using my DARAWORLD account. Hey! That’s our little secret 😉 ARASSOO???!!!


  1. Justine

    July 26, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    DaraGon fan here!😍😍


      July 27, 2019 at 3:38 am

      welcome to the family sweetie 🙂

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